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25 march 2006
"Mickey at the doctors"

Today we had to go to the veterinary with our nearly seventeen old cat Mickey. For a few years now he has a cyste near his mouth and every time we go for control at the veterinary they suck the thing out with a needle. Only the last few months we ignored that because we had other things to do because of my fathers death. This morning I saw that Mick was a bit down and very lazy; his pupils of his eyes were also wided. So we decided to check on it. Fortunately only the cyste was infected and the doctor said that it wasn't yet through his whole body. He cut some hair away with a rasor, got anti-biotica, something for the pain and of course the anti-lick thing on his head.
Now we clean out the cyste every day this week and probabley saturday we go back to suck the cyste out. He didn't do that today because otherwise bacteries come into the cyste. 


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