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03 april - 20 april 2006

I have to catch up with you all on a 2 weeks update. I have been so busy that I haven't got much time to do that lately.
First on the 5th of april we got to film the Totallykidzconcert; which was very fun. Rai got to interview a lot of dutch wellknown singers. The day after her teacher told her that he had seen on in the news on national tv; which we didn't even knew about.    

Friday  the 7th filling fell out of my tooth while eating a candy. Well that means not exactly the filling but as we call it in Holland "a crown"  I don't know the word in Englisch. The "crown" was 17 years old so it had sat there without any trouble for a long time.
So on monday I went to my dentist for hearing that it needs to be changed for a new one. A gold one this time; which is gonna cost me a lot of money. There were 2 big wholes in the old one and he could see me right through it.

I will show you a picture which my mother took from the urn of my father:

I have got a little urn which you can use with a waxinelight and we've got a little piramide with the ashes of my father.

The 15th of april I did a kidsfarmshoot (i don't know the exact word for it). It is broadcast on local tv this week.
At the Easterweekend we stayed home and my mother came to eat with us. We were all very tired of working a lot.
So for this weekend we have a cookingthing to film in Amsterdam. Ainsley Harriott will be there from the program Ready Steady Cook which is broadcasted by the BBC. We are looking forward to it.


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