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05 augustus
"Pets Fashion Parade"

Today we went to the Pets Fashion Parade in Rotterdam. It was a show about animals all dressed up! 

28 july 2006 - 04 augustus"Mickey's Vacation"

Well it has been the hottest month july in 300 years with a everlasting heatwave!
We didn't go to Italy this year because I didn't want my mother to stay alone because she  became a widow 7 months ago. And because we had a sick cat. In stead we went to Center Parcs, America in Limburg for a week and we brought our cat and my mother with us. His first vacation in 17 years!! It wasn't that easy to kidnap him out of his own envirement! He struggled a little bit when we drove away with the car as if he wanted to say: "hé, where are you taking me! I wanna go back home. Where are we going?".
After an hour he became more quit and further his vacation was so too. He did meet some bambis in our garden overthere which was quit an experience for him, and for us too. Instead of standing for the camera to presentate the whole holiday Rai took the (privat) cam herself to film our vacation. When we came home to watch the film it appears that it was all about Mickey!! We ourselves came in the picture two or three times for one second and further it was all about Mick's vacation!! Well alright he deserves it; this year he became 17 years old so.


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