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24-26 augustus
"Rai and me in the newspapers"

This whole week we were to find a lot in the media. That means Rai and me. With our website (how do i survive the first grade) which we made one year ago when rai went to the first grade of highschool. I made a whole site about that subject for the first graders and last groups of primary schools. The most interesting thing about the site is that we have interviews with the dutch famous about their first year in highschool, their experiences and advices for all those who still have to go to the first class. It's still a bit scary for all those 12 year old ones. The local and National newspaper reported about our website. The site is very interesting for the parents too.

In the meantime this week we they operated Mickey to solve his cysteproblem and the operation, which went without total narcosis, went very well. 

22 augustus"Poffertjes at Bokhovens"
One week to go before going to school for Rai. This morning we went to Delft to eat the real Dutch stuff: "poffertjes". This restaurant prepared the best poffertjes i'd ever eaten in my life. And without any milk too!! 




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