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1 septemberr
"50 years of marriage"

Today we had the celebration of Jaco's parents who are married for 50 years on the 5th of september. That is a very long time! I don't think there are going to be in the future this kind of celebrations because everyone is divorcing eachother just after a couple of years. Todays people aren'nt in in solving problems so a divorce is the most easy way to escape. Anyway we had a great day: we went out bowling with the family and after that we had one great buffet with very nice food! We had to grill it ourselves on the table and that was fun but very hot!

30 augustus
"hoe overleef ik response"
It seemed that a lot of people saw Rai in the hart of nederland program yesterdayevening because we got some nice responses to it and the site had been watched a lot too. A lot of ex first graders and even beginnners wrote us letters right away about there experiences. 
Further we end the month august as the wettest since 100 years.

29 augustus
"Rai on national tv"

Well first schoolday of the new schoolyear is starting good for Rai this year! 
She went to school with a cameracrew of the famous program and very well watched 'hart van nederland'. 
This because they make a report about the first day at school of the firstgraders and of course about our website (how do i survive the first grade). Rai is there to give some advices to the children who go to highschool for the first time. 
On our website you can see the experiences of for example Irene Moors, Brace, Sita, Do and Kus.








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