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04 march 2006
"camping yes or no"
Today we went to the birthday of Jaco's mother she became 76 years old. Jaco does have both his parents still, they are both 76 and 78. They live in Hoek van Holland near the Dutch beach; this afternoon we went to the camping to watch if there was any possibility for my mother to stand there with the caravan. But the place was very boring and not nice. So my mother had decided very quick to sell the caravan; which they decided yet when my father was alive. He even mentioned the price for which the caravan should be sold for.

03 march 2006
"our lifes goes on"
Well in the meantime everytthing is a little bit back to normal again. For sofar you can speak of normal. My mother has trouble with the weekends so we take her with us as much as we can and she often eats at her house. Which is quit nice actually. All the time we have worked on with our business, on the day of my father's death too. Which I didn't like very much but that morning (a few hours before his death) we had to film at a elementary school in our hometown. I didn't want to do that but Jaco convinced me to do so.  This is the result of it: (it were some questions about the winterolympics)


02 march 2006"update"
Sorry for not updating my weblog anymore, but I think you all understand it.
It has been a rough time for me and my family the last 3 months, because we all knew what was gonna happen with my father. We only didn't knew when it was gonna happen. I am not gonna bore you all with the whole story of it, there is really nothing much to say. I think my father handled everything very well untill the last morning of his life. He didn't look at all like a "real" cancerpatient and he was still a big man to see! I saw and spoke him for the last time on sunday the day before. We were all there: Rai and Jordan,  my brother and Eus. That night Danilo and Jaco stayed at my parents house to watch over my father which slept for the first time downstairs in the livingroom. So my mother could sleep, because she hadn't had a good sleep for a long time. Every night my father felt real sick, the only thing was that he didn't had any pain. That night with Jaco and my brother my father had taken morfine because he wanted that. Every 20-30 minutes he woke up and wanted a bit to drink; Jaak and Danilo had to help him sit up because he didn't have the strength anymore to do so on his own. This lasted the whole night the next night a nurse would have taken everything over but it didn't came to that. The daynurse came the next morning and together with my mum they washed my father. At about 12 o'clock my father was in rest again and the nurse left. 15 minutes later my mother phoned us to say that my father started to breathe very strange and by the time we got there (it is only 20 seconds to walk to my parents) it was to late. I walked in the house and could hear my mother cry and I knew it was over.

The cremation has taken place on the 10th of february. My father has said his wishes for the cremation to Jaco the day before he died. So fortunately we could do everything exactly like my father wanted to. One thing he wanted was to not leave him alone; so Danilo, me and Jaco went with him to the oven untill he was right in there.





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