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13 march 2005
Continuing on yesterday I wanted to mention that our very most popular (ex)politician Erica Terpstra was at the ceremony too. My mother ran into her when she parked her car and they spoke for a minute. Erica Terpstra was one of our greatest championswimmers ever in Holland. She won twice the Olympics; in 1960 and 1964. By coincidence she became a politician. She is a very friendly and nice person and she is always very lively. Now she still is the chairman of the National Olympic Comite. She doesn't miss any sportevents.

12 march 2005
The "geuzenpenning" handed to Richard Gere 
Today was the day that Richard Gere came to my town to receive the geuzenpenning. I can't believe he was in our city and that we saw him. There are still american people who probably never will see him in their lives and it is very strange that he came to such a little and unknown city. But for a little city we have a very important award which is given  every year to an organisation which works peacefully for a good cause in the world. "Geuzenpenning" stands for the warresistance in worldwar II against the germans. This year is for the Tibetan organisation ICT of which  Richard Gere is the president. It is about Tibetan people and how they had been dissipated, tortured and exiled from their own country. Almost like the american people did with the indians! I hope Richard realizes that too!
Whole morning I was watching my kitchenwindow to look if there were yet people to be waiting. But untill 12:45 there was nobody yet to be seen. Last year with Princess Maxima there was a whole crowd at 11:30. I decided to go at 12:45 and find myself a perfect spot to make pictures for my weblog. It was a very windy and cold day and in the morning we had some hail and snow. I stood next to a house built in 1500 and the family upstairs who lived there invited me for 50 euro (ind. coffee!) to watch upstairs; 75 with my daughter too. I don't think they made any money this afternoon. All the photographers and camera/tvpeople had their own presspart. It was frozen cold with the wind and we had to wait till 14:00hrs. Fortunately our friends Fred and Ingrid came by with their daughter Caitlin and they decided to stay and watch too. Although Ingrid rather had seen Brad Pitt she said. Finally at two o'clock the whole ceremony began and we saw Richard right away, during the ceremony we could see him well. Then at 14:15 they all went inside again and we had to wait untill three o 'clock again for him to come out again. Me and Rajacenna were all frozen at that time. Finally he came out again to walk to the church; I waited all afternoon to make good pictures but when he came out he waved to the people at the other side of us!! That wasn't good for the pictures! When he went into the church everybody went away, we did also and at home we put our feet in warm water because they were frozen. At 15:45 we hurried back again to the church waiting for him to come out again. This time we had a much better spot then before and there were much less people. Then he came out and walked with a big smile on his face right in front of our row. Because of my mother Rajacenna never could have taken a picture so good as the close-up here under. He stood right in front of our faces and while shaking my mother's hand!  Well see the other pictures: we didn't stood their for nothing afterall!!


11 march 2005Richard Gere already arrived
There were al a lot of camerapeople, photographers and journalists this afternoon walking by our house. We saw a wellknown female journalist from the news who had parked her car in front of our house. She took the time to let herself photographed with her mini-car. Then she took of with the cameraman to the cityhall in front of our house. Later that afternoon Jaco run upstairs to me to tell me that Ivo Niehe, a famous tv presenter in Holland, just walked by his officewindow (which is downstairs in our house). He walked to the entrance of the public garage which is next to our house. His talkshow is running on tv now for about 25 years. It seemed that Richard Gere had already arrived in our town this afternoon so we saw on the news. He gave a press conference. In fact the pers conference was a few meters from me and I didn't even noticed he was already there.  Tomorrow the Geuzenpenning will be given to him officially. 
Rai is learning fast how to be a webdesigner like me.  She wants me to teach her and she does very well. Although soon she will need a faster computer also because this one is working to slow.

10 march 2005
"mother and daughter

This picture is taken last saturday at the open day of the new (high)school Rai is going to.
Pretty looking duo don't you think?

9 march 2005
"baby at twelve?"

The day started at 07:20 when Rajacenna came to sit down on my bed. She said: "when I was little I never wanted to have babies........but now I like them very much!" Well goodmorning to you too. "Well" I said "you have a free midday from school, then we are going to buy one this afternoon!". At that moment we did'nt know yet that her little cousin Jordan (3 months) was coming this afternoon. How lucky she was. Rai liked it very much to hold her and to feel her tiny little fingers. 



8 march 2005 "preparations Richard Gere"
The snow is all gone and our parc looks green again. I'd rather saw it a little bit longer covered with snow. In front of our house they had been made some preparations for Saturday when Richard Gere has to receive the "geuzenpenning" at the cityhall. Last year we had our Princess Maxima coming to our town and in the past we had our queen too. Last year there had come a lot of people to the cityhall and there were all kinds of photographers of the wellknown dutch magazines parking in front of our door. So I guess with Richard Gere coming I think there will be a lot more people coming to watch. Although you never know if he cancells at the last minute but I don't think that.
Rajacenna's went to the dentist because for the last year and a half there had been stuck an old tooth in her mouth that didn't wanted to come out. It was stuck betwee two new ones but finally now it's out!

7 march 2005
"Teachers advice"
One week before you go register your child at a new school you are getting the "advice" of the teacher. Well nothing new the advice is exactly the same as we thought and if that was not the case we still would have stuck to  our own thoughts about Highschool choice.




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