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20 march 2005
Spring is coming
We prepared the gardenset this afternoon in the garden and we sat there for a while in the sun though it was a bit chilly. This week somewhere in Holland it was 20 degrees and that was a difference of 40C with 2 weeks ago when it was -21C.

19 march 2005
Celesta's 39th birtday
Today was my 39th birthday. My last year in my thirties. Fortunately they always think that I am much younger! It was Marloes, my neighbour, her birthday too today. We had a nice quit day and I went shopping with Rai and Jaco. At the end of the day we had some family and friends over. My brother Danilo and his wife Eugenie came too with Jordan. Jordan is growing really fast and she is more aware of the world now. Rai gave her the bottle and played with her. 

18 march 2005
This morning I saw the easterbunny walking around through our parc behind the gardens! First there was a lady hiding chocolateggs. And after that there came a whole bunch of little people about 3 years old searching for them together with the easterbunny.

17 march 2005
registration highschool

At three o'clock we went to register Rai at the new Highschool. When we sat there some girl was kind of saying loudly "h Rajacenna!"; ?? I looked at her but didn't seem to recognize her. I said: "well you do have to help me here because we don't know who you are" , since Rajacenna herself neither knew who she was. The girl said: "I am Niek's sister!"; aaah now we knew! This girl was the sister of Rai's very first 'boyfriend' at kindergarten and some groups after that! Niek and Rai were always together and they always told us that someday they were planning to marrie eachother. His sister we didn't saw for 6 years now, the last time we saw her she was 9 years old. She told us that Niek was very good at learning and that he was going to the Gymnasium. I can't believe eight schoolyears are over already. These pictues you see were taken when Rai and Niek were 4 years old.

 16 march 2005New schoolbag
As usual Rajacenna has a free afternoon on wednesday and we went shopping for a schoolbag. They demonstrated one at the open day a few weeks ago and we decided not to look any further and just buy this bag since it is the most sold and most popular bag. It cost us 109.- with a reduction it came to 98.-. A lot of money i think for a schoolbag. Then we went to buy some chocolat eastereggs (without sugar) and some other easterstuff.

15 march 2005
lots distributeday
At seven o'clock we made some croissants for the day. Today we have to get the lot for the registration of the new school Rajacenna is going to. Experience (from other people) wises that you have to be very early if not you fall beyond lot number 200. And then you are nog sure of a place at that school. And since this is the most popular school in the wide area we definitely want to go there!! So we decided to go and stand there very early (like for the tickets for a popconcert). Jaco went the first two hours and then it was me for 2 hours and so on. During the day, when Jaco sat in the car listening to the radio, he joined a radiogame at Radio Veronica, national radio, and he won 80 euros with singing the last phrases of a Dutch song. Great! When you got your own business you loose a day of money when you don't work and this compensated it a little bit. Well to make the story of the lotpatrol short: we got number 1 of the 200 lots so thursday we can go to register ourselves with Rajacenna.

14 march 2005
earrings and stuff from the old box
My mother gave Rajacenna an old beautycase (as good as new) which belonged to my grandmother. She was very happy with it because she adores all kind of earring-,  collar and oarstuff. She inherited all kinds of them so now she can wear them to school; nobody can buy them anymore so that is very interesting to her. 



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