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03 april 2005
64th birthday

My father turned 64 years today. This afternoon we paid a visit and at night we went out eating in a Cantonese Mongolic Restaurant. We had a buffet so we could take all we wanted. We had a good time and we laughed a lot, Rajacenna went to get a fruitdesert four times and she still didn't explode! Rajacenna's also got to ride Eugenie's buggy with Jordan in it, she found that very interesting. 

02 april 2005
Today we had a nice sunny springday in the garden. 

01 april 2005
We started this day with no telephone and no internet. After a lot of phoning with the mobilephone finally at twelve o'clock they called us to tell us that the problem was solved and that there was a wire in the phonecentral to our house broken or something. Strange story. It wasn't nice because Jaco couldn't do his work. 
The first of april we always celebrate the
birthday of our cat mickey. We got him sixteen years ago from my brother and his former girlfriend (unfortunately she passed away at the age of twenty). They bought him on one of the famous Belgium markets. I hope he will be with us a few more years.
I also got a  scarymanalert from my neighbour today. She told me that she heard from somebody else that the neighbour in front of her, sees the last couple of weeks a man walking in our parc late at night and that he goes and looks in every garden. We expect that he is maybe a burglar so we will all look every night if we see him.

30 march 2005
Queensday stuff
I got some more secondhandstuff for queensday the 30th of april from my mother today. Now we've got quite a collection of secondhandstuff but we don't know yet if we are going to sit on queensday. That always depends on the wether and if we want to sit.

29 march 2005
Harmen Siezen
Today Rajacenna got her degrees of the past trimester and like usual it's very ok! In the past eight years Rai has always been a good student. 
At the end of the day  I was washing some dishes and like always watched out of the kitchenwindow at the same time. Suddenly I saw one of our Dutch famous tv newsreaders walking along our house. Harmen Siezen has always been my favourite male newsreader. He was searching for the public parkingentrance when Jaco came back on his bike and helped him because if not he had entered the entrance of my neighbours which happens all the time. Jaco talked to him and Harmen said that he had been handed over a special book about world war two in our town because his father seemed to be mayor at that time.
There will be some documentary soon about this all and Harmen will do the voice over.

28 march 2005
second easterday
Amber came by today and Rajacenna and she played games all afternoon. 




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