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16 april 2005nice wakeupcall
Nice wakeupcall this earlymorning! At 05:45 we woke up by an (probably)caralarm which went off for about 10 minutes. With a few diffrent melodies. 

15 april 2005
bored limousinedriver
Today Rai heard that one of her best schoolfriends didn't got the acceptance of the school she wanted to go at, which is the same school as Rajacenna's. 
When Jaco's went to get us chips for dinner this evening he met a limousinedriver at the snackshop. He was very bored and told Jaco that this morning at nine o'clock he had to get a couple with his car to get married today. This evening at twelve he must take them home again. But today he got to drove them to some other city about twenty minutes from here, to shoot some marriagepictures. Usually the driver said, the couples are very happy and they talk a lot. But not with this couple: they didn't say a word to eachother! All the way there and back they only said 3 words and basta that was it!!?? The driver didn't seem to understand that, first he thaught that they should be deaf. It can't be a good sign for a good marriage I think?? 

14 april 2005
too late for the bus
When I went to get Rajacenna from school this afternoon, I nearly run over a woman. She was standing aside the busstop and was kind of commanding me to stop my car. She was a little bit in a panic because she said to have missed the bus, which she couldn't get in time because she was at the hairdresser. She was on her way to get her mother to go to an appointment in the hospital. All shaking with nerves she sat next to me and I told her I only could take her a little bit further on the way she was going to. Then she got out of my car without even saying thanks and goodbye but mumbling that she was going to find someone else to take her to her mother. When I got back from getting Rai we couldn't see her anymore; I wonder if she had made it right in time to the hospital.

13 april 2005
still 3 months to go afterall
Well the girl who dropped out of school yesterday came back to school afterall. I guess they decided to do the last 3 months afterall. After summer everybody will go to another school anyway. She didn't had luck either this morning I was told because her glasses fell into a thousand pieces.

12 april 2005
dropping out of school
Today Rajacenna came home from school with the story that a girl from her class had been taken from school today. The girl we are talking about is a very loud and unpolite girl in class, but her mother doesn't seem to know or want to know that. Her mother came to school very angry and asked everybody what a shitschool this was? She had a talk with the director of school and decided to take her child from school and put her for the last 3 months to another school. After that she will go to Highschool too.




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