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01 may 2005Another weatherrecord broken
Another weatherrecord has been broken today.  It has been 50 years that the first of may was a warm day. Fifty years ago it was 28 degrees and today it was 30C. Nice for the kids because their twoweeks may schoolvacation started on friday. Although it seems that on thursday it will be 13 degrees again. 

30 april 2005

You probably saw us today sitting very early at the kitchentable at five o'clock! At Qeensday ones a year at 30 of april we wake up very early to go as one of the first to the second hand market right here in the city. When you are one of the first there, you do have the most chance to buy some good second hand stuff if you find any. But this year we weren't so lucky, we couldn't find anything special to buy. Maybe next year again. At half past eight we went to sit there ourselves with our collected second hand stuff from this year. We weren't as lucky as the last couple of years with selling either. Our neighbours who came to sit with us, said that they too didn't sell as many things as the years before. I don't think we are going to sit next year. At two o' clock we went to the dike to watch the fooddrop aeroplanes coming over. It was the meaning to drop bread to the crowd just as 60 years ago when the war was finished. There were a lot of people there and we were all waiting but we waited all for nothing: we saw the planes coming over, there was even a tv crew, but they missed the spot to drop the bread! We were all dissappointed! How the x could they miss?? I don't understand you are a pilot with experience or not???? I heard that last year they did miss it too so I think it's a good idea not to do that all over next year.

26 april 2005
Today I mentioned to Rai that I have been a Doekan in my previous life. About twenty years ago I went to a paragnost who draw a wise-man, a Doekan, from India or Indonesia. I should have been that man in a previous life?! Of course Rai wanted to she the picture so in the afternoon we went to my mothers to search for it. Unfortunately we couldn't find it, but it could be that she gave it to me a couple of years a go but at my house I don't know where it can be. However we'll find it someday.

26 april 2005
preparations for Queensday
We made an inventory of all the second hand things we collected this year to sell on Queensday this saturday.
At school Rai had some birdlessons in the woods and the class saw a movie at the museum from world war 2. They are learning a lot this year about this; Rajacenna was very impressed about the story of Anne Frank. We didn't go to the Anne Frank House yet but maybe we'll do that soon.




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