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21 may 2005folklore or songcontest??
Yesterdayevening I fell asleep during the final of the Eurovision Songcontest or should we call it the Folklore contest? Maybe next year we do have to participate complete with wooden shoes!! Once, about 16 years ago, we had a normal contest with all great singers. We all didn't forget about ABBA. But I have the idea very much that there is some swindle going on. And I think some day there will stand up someone who is going to sort that out. Untill that day we have to do it with big drums and folklore.

20 may 2005
six weeks
Tonight we were invited to dinner at my mothers house which is nearly next door in our own street. Tomorrowmorning they leave to Luxembourg and France for six weeks. Together with my aunt and uncle they will travel along the france coast with their caravan. So nomore parties for the next 6 weeks for Rai with her grandma. I hope they will be back in good health.

19 may 2005
Eurovision Songcontest stinks!
Like every year we have the eurovision songcontest in Europe. Saturday will be the real competition and tonight there was the round before that. I don't know why I watch every year? For the last ten years it isn't about singing anymore but it is all about how crazy you can do on stage. Great, so why do they call it songcontest?? And then a songcontest has to be critisize by people who know all about music and not (with all respect) the normal (ignorant) people at home. And yes our singer Glennis Grace had been stitched by a wasp. So for the last couple of days she was a bit sick. Allthough she sang very well this evening she hadn't been chosen to sing saturday because ofcourse the participants who couldn't sing had been chosen to sing on the eurovision songcontest. That makes sense doesn't it?

18 may 2005
School has started again

After more than two weeks of vacation the school has started again. Still seven weeks to go before summervacation starts! In class Rai told everybody that she had gone to the funfair in our city with her grandma. Everybody said: "how boring!".  "Well" Rai said "it wasn't such as boring as you would think because I have a very living grandma" (my mother is 65 years) and she goes into any attraction you can think of. She went into the bumbingcars and she and Rai partied together on the funfair with her. Wow! everybody screamed: I wish that I had a cool grandma like you do! Suddenly it was very tulmutuous in the classroom because everybody was impressed that Rai had such a very in shape grandmother!



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