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29 may 2005everything Dali

The exposition of Salvador Dali has been in Holland for the past months so today we went to the museum because Jaco is a big fan of Dali. Not only a lot of paintings, but a big amount of films, photographs and other designs of Dali, like dresses, are shown. Also the famous Mea West lips cautch is exposed. 

For the Dutch people amongst us: the exposition is running untill the twelfth of June. You can even come back for free because you will receive a free ticket for this visit. In the Museum are also other interesting art and paintings from artists like Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Van Dijcke, Breugel, Rubens, Kandinsky etc.

28 may 2005
Today it was a very windy but still warm (26 degrees) day. I surfed around a bit on the internet to figger out how to get more traffic on my site. Yeah I know: undress myself a little bit more that should help! Yeah right! If I should do that I would let you pay a serious amount of money to enter my website!

27 may 2005
Well today it is gonna be a warm hot summerday (30 degrees). Today for the third time this month the taxman came to sort out some things with our bussiness finances. This time I had the idea that it took sometime longer than the other two times before. So after more than two hours I wanted to know why it took so long and decided to go downstairs to Jaco's office to see if everything went alright. Well it didn't the taxman said. There were some calculations which didn't work in excel in his laptop. I had the idea that they were rather busy sometime with that. I thought to watch the whole calculation myself on Jaco's computer and guess what: I fixed it right away!! He didn't showed it but I think he was in shock.

24 may 2005Jaco's 39th birthday
Today it was Jaco's 39th birthday. We ate pastry and pizza.

23 may 2005

This weekend we'd got a domainregistration from a daily familysoap on tv in Holland. This soap about a ordinary family from Amsterdam started last september on tv and since then they are a famous family in Holland. We too watched the daily soap from starton and we decided immediately to claim their domainname (deveerkampjes). It took us a long time to find the adress from this family because we, ofcourse, want to sell this domainname. By chance they contacted us theirselves because today finishes the soap and they are going to one of Hollands biggest tv-companies. That's why they now are very much interested the domain. 



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