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04 June 2005vote for me!
Vote for me on BNN (Dutch tv) I only need 1 vote to be in the Top 40 weblogs!

05 June 2005Eus's birthday
Today we visited my brother who's wife Eugenie turned 29 on the first of June. We got to see Jordan the little one and she is growing more and more! On tuesday Eus is going back to work (for two days a week) after more than 7 months. 

02 June 2005
nomore view
It was a sad day today for the primaryschool in front of our house; the school where Rai and myself used to go to. Yesterday evening Wil the concierge of the school died. She had been ill for a while and yesterday it seemed to be her time had come. This morning all the teachers and a lot of mothers were crying and there was much unbelieve. Wil was 56 years old and for many years she worked at the school for free. In the morning when I watched out of my window at half past 6 she was already there to do the garbage or the papercontainers. Late at night we saw her often too. For the past 6 years she had been part of our windowview because our kitchen watches out over the school. And allday she was always there doing something. Now that's over; nomore view.

01 June 2005
Holland says NO against European constitution
I voted NO with the European Constitution Referendum. Its all because i think the Gouvernment did't tell us good enough what its all about and more important: With our interesting for all, but very expensive social system in our country, we have problems enough ourselves. I think we first get that in order, before we go on with European difficulties. And according to the 61% NO-voters: more Dutch think like that!



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