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19 June 2005"very hot day"
Surprisingly my parents came home tonight from France. We didn't expect them yet because they were supposed to be away for 6 weeks. But four weeks seemed to be long enough according to my mother. They had a great time and they got to see Monaco and that was fun. They came home with very very hot wether for Dutch standards. Yesterday it was 30 degrees, so is today and tomorrow! For the first time this year we placed the swimmingpool in the garden today.

18 June 2005

Like every year we had a big party in town. We celebrate the new caught heringfish; because in the old days we were a (very important) fishingtown. So today lots of music and drinking and of course fish! In the evening there was a performance of a girlsinger "Elize" who has a big chartsucces with a song called: "Automatic". Rajacanna got to be in front of the audience and also could go on picture with "Elize". They had to laugh, because Raja's hair got stuck in Elize's earring when they went on the picture. Eliza regognized Raja when she saw her after the show, and called her "pretty face". She had a great time. Finally you will find here a picture from Rajacenna with a huge HUMMER. We only wish it was ours, but we have to dream on. This was the car where the "stars of the day" were brought to the stage. He even doesn't fit on our garage-space!

17 June 2005"driving in the family"
Finally after about (I think; i stopped countiing) 5 times, Jaco's cousin Manon has a driverslicence! Hiep hiep hoera!! I hope she will drive safely from now on and doesn't get in an accident like her uncle today. When Jaco drove Rai to school today he had to pass a big white van, he drove about 15 kilometers an hour, because the road in front of our house is next to a school and there are a lot of children walking to school there. He stopped a minute to watch children coming behind this car but there didn''t so he drove on. But just on the moment he drove away a child was coming behind the car very fast with her bycicle and crashed against the car. I saw the whole thing happening because I was standing behind the window in the kitchen. She came from the pavement which of course is illegal. The little girl of about  6 years old cried and some mother helped her because her own mother was nowhere to see! Later that day we met the mother of the child to speak about the damage of our car and of course she told us that someone had seen the whole thing happening and that it was our fault. Yeh right! She had the story that a woman saw Jaco parking but we all know that that wasn't the case! I think she had her eyes in her you know where! I think she did not even saw everything because I saw this woman too and I can tell that she didn't see it! So we argued about this for a while but fortunately we have to other witnesses (2 guys) that where next to that white van. So on monday we start with taxing the car and then we'll see what happens with their insurancecompany.

15 June 2005
"why probation?"
Why probation? If you commit a crime you have to go to jail.
In Holland you have the possibility to go on probation for the weekend for example. But when you are a real "bad" guy there shouldn't be a possibility to go home in your punishment time. Last weekend a guy on probation in Holland murdered a old man of 73 yrs. I think it is not good to give freetime in punishment time. Just sit out your time, and than you can go back to society again. Not sooner than that. 


14 June 2005
"Transparant Desktop"

What do you think about transparant computers?

13 June 2005
"Michael Jackson free"!
Ofcourse there are creepy people outthere and indeed Michael is a little bit weird and I don't agree all his nosejobs. But when you grow up like that, away from "normal' people and especially away from kids of your own age, it is very logical that growing up is going a lot slower than normal. If you had no childhood it's logical to catch up all the times you missed as a child. I do even think that there are a lot of adult people that should be less adult. I hate adults! It is better to keep your being child inside your mind! There are a lot more people in this world like that mother and son (of a bitch) who started all this! In the sixteen years I do business I have seen a lot of swindlers. And it is very easy to pick Michael Jackson for that.



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