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02 July 2005"second time live8"
The last time they broadcasted live8 I was 19 years old and that was in the days of all the great 80 music! It was great today to see some oldies from those days again like Duran Duran and Annie Lenox. The performance which I liked most today was a great performance of Madonna, Mariah and the Boomtownrats with mister Geldof himself.

01 July 2005
"11 july"
In the meantime we heard that my father has to go to the hospital on 11 july. Fortunately for him that is very fast. We don't know exactly yet what is going to happen but on that day they take another look inside (probably) to watch how to remove the tumor.

30 June 2005
"first day of Rai's summervacation"
Well today started the first day of Rai's (about) 8 weeks summervacation. This morning she woke up late because of yesterdayevening. After 5 minutes on the MSN with her friends from her class she heard that there went some other kids from her class who went to school again to help. So she and Amber decided also to go to school to help. At school she the opportunity to say good-bye for the last time to some kids and the teacher. Because yesterday evening it went very fast after the musical. She spend the afternoon with Amber, Mario and Damien at the mall. 

29 June 2005
"last day on school"

Today it was the last day on school for Rajacenna and the rest of her class. From now on they probably don't see eachother as much as before or even anymore! This morning they did the musical again for group 6 and 7. The afternoon they had a big lunch with all of the teachers. This evening they did the whole musical for all of the parents, sisters and brothers and grandmothers and grandfathers. It was a great evening and very strange to see the whole class together for the very last time!


28 June 2005"results"
After a week of lots of thinking and stress because we didn't know what was gonna happen with my father. We finally got the results of the biopsy, the scan and tests. We already knew that it was a tumor but the question was if it had spread in other parts of the body. God Thank it wasn't the case, although they never may say that for 100% sureness. Now he has to wait when it can be removed. My parents were very relieved, of course it isn't nice to have a tumor in your body but the main thing was if he was just in time or not to go to the doctor. Now we are hoping that all goes well with the operation.

27 June 2005
"last 3 days of primaryschool"

Today Rai has to go to school for 3 more days and then primaryschool is finished. The last 3 months the whole class was learning the muscial which all eight-groupers do on the last day of primaryschool. This afternoon they did the musical for the 4 year old kids of school. They were very impressed and liked it a lot. They only did the songs and the teacher told the story. Tomorrow and wednesdaymorning the rest of the school will see the musical and wednesdayevening it will be presented to all of the parents.



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