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14 august 2005"poor beach"
We paid a visit at Jaco's parents today. They live in a Dutch place near the beach. So for a moment we stopped by that lonely beach in the middle of summer. Nowhere sun to be seen, lots of wind and some efforts to make it more cosy on this poor beach by organising somekind of beachvolleything. 

13 august 2005
"birthday neighbours"
Today we were invited to our neighbours birtdays party, they celebrated it together. Monday it was Lianes birthday and today Gert-Jan's. At the end of the day finally the sun came out and we even got to sit in the garden. Which is a wonder because it had been bad wether for the last month. I am glad we were in Italy three weeks of them! 

12 august 2005
"kids adventure"
Today we went with Rai and her boyfriend Mario to Kids Adventure.  A four days event for kids untill twelve years. It's an event where you can do all sort of things like snowboarding, gaming, breakdancing, theater, presentin, little chemical tests etc.. You even can have a meet and greet with your favourite popstar. Who I ofcourse do not know because all the teenage stars come and go in such a high tempo. Even Rai didn't knew most of them at all. And of course Rai came to try to snowboard. We were one of the first entries this morning at ten and after 10 minutes of gaming with several Nintendo's we went to the snowboardhall. We arrived there and after 10 minutes the registration was already closed! So so far snowboarding for Rai. Bad luck! Jaco complained about the whole thing at the organisation of kids adventure and they agreed that the promotor "protest" hadn't done things as it should be. So they registered our name and adress etc and this week we'll try to get some compansation  out of it.



10 august 2005
"chemo for my father"
My father got to hear his treatment today; they will start with chemo and not the operation.  At the 22nd of august he has another appointment about this.

08 august 2005"some vacationpics"
Here are some pictures of our vacation in Italy. First you see the vacationparc with swimmingpool we go to every year. We didn't get to make nice ones because my "professional" camera broke down and the ones taken with the digital cam weren't that good.
The huge foodthings you see on the pics has to do with foodart, beautiful things cooks can do with for example pumpkins and melons.



07 august 2005"harddisk dvd recorder"
Today we bought ourselves a new harddisk dvd recorder from Pioneer.

06 august 2005
"back from Italy"
Today we came back from a 3 weeks vacation in Italy. We took off at 01:00 o'clock tonight and after a 15 hour drive we finally arrived home in a very cold and rainy Holland. Have you guys had your vacation yet?


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