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15 august 2005 - 4 september"no computer, no cams"
Herewith i update you untill today because all these time i had some problems with my computer so i coudldn't update the log and you couldn't see our cams (except of course the kitchencam which works 24 hrs aday. It appears that the motherboard of my computer broke down after putting in an extra memory to work. I still have to test some things so it could be that you still have to wait some days untill the cams may work again. So that meant that I couldn't work on my computer for several weeks. Fortunately the sun came out again for this summer so it wasn't a problem for me to take some time off. It had been a strange summer here in Holland with lots of rain and a medium temperature of 16,5 degrees!
Then Rai had her introductionday the 23rd of august and when i went to take her from school she came out all bended forwards with a very heavy schoolbag with lots of books. She has to use cd-roms to so she has to get a faster computer so we bought her a wifi (centrino) laptop. The days after that her introductionweek started and she had a fine time at school. She likes it already and she immediately met some new friends. 
24 of august my father had to go the the hospital for 3 days to do his first chemo. He got two chemo's at one day of each 3 hours and all went ok in the hospital. When he went home his rotten week started with lots of nausea. After a week he started to feel better and he started to eat again. Rice and chicken he couldn't eat for over 2 months so I hope that means that something has happened inside him. In the hospital they did said to him that after one week there could be a possibility that he should feel some little improvements so I hope this is that little improvement! Our doctor said that this chemo is in the top10 of the most heavy chemo's. After the actual chemoday he must be back in hospital for the next chemo after 14 days. So that means 7 september. Then I guess he will start all over again to feel bad.
In the meantime the wether is working with us very well! Summer has been back again for a while so we can enjoy that.
The first of september we have been married for 12,5 years!  We do not want to spend money for a party or something else so it's gonna be quit and we treat ourselves on pizza and pastry. Pizza is a real treat for us and we eat that very little because first of all it is very unhealthy and Rai and I have a diet to think about. A diet without cheese (because of allergy) and without white wheat.
Today sunday we bought a dvd-player for our bedroom. I hope it will work well.

15 august 2005
"fast summerholiday"
Today all schools in our part of the country starts again. End of summervacation 2005. I can't believe it went so fast! Rajacenna has still 8 days of holiday she starts with an introductionday on the 23rd of august. It hasn't been much of a summer for those who stayed in the Netherlands. For all I know it has been 18 degrees all summer! 




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