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4 september 2005 - 11 september"fire week"
This week the (after) summer was still there. Monday the week started with a big fire in our town. I smelt a lot of smoke in town and my hair became all smelley. It appears that there was a big fire in the neighbourhood of Rai's old school. It seemed that the owner of the house which was on fire had killed himself with some explosives. He was the owner of a sexclub (which we all didn't know about!); he was 67 years old and left his (foreign) wife with 5 yearold child behind.
Thursday my father had his second chemo and this time he began to lose some hair. Well he was already a little bit bold so it wasn't yet much of a diffrence. After the second chemo he didn't feel sick like the last time so that was a big relief for him. Fortunately his eating is very much improving now. The last month he was on astrounaute-food. On that same day (thursday) there was another fire and this time it was away half an hour from our house. It was a big paper and woodfactory which was on fire. This day we had the swimmingpool in the garden but we couldn't take a bath in it because it has started to snow parts of paper from this big fire because apparently the winddirection was heading our way. The swimmingpool and the whole garden had became all dirty.





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