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17, 18 september 2005"summerflue"
Nothing much to say for this weekend; I have a bit of a flue and I am not very energetic this weekend. I have headaches and stomachaches. Only thing to say is that is seems that Rai is yet very popular at school. There are some guys who have crushes on her so therefor saturdayafternoon there were some unknown guys at the door. Some kids also from the first grade and they seemed to had traced her adress. But I don't think Rai was very interested in going to the mall with them.

16 september 2005
"Harry Potter-evening 2005"

Today it was nearly the end of the Harry Potter week Rai had on her school. In the afternoon all the firstgraders got a barbequeparty from the school. They all ate together. It was a nice week Rai said and they had done all sort of funny things. In the evening all parents and grandparents were  invited to come to the special Harry Potter evening. When we came into the school there was standing a lady in black with an owl on her arm. Later on she gave a show with snakes and it appears that she was a fire-eater. It was a nice show. The whole week their were eight workshops for the kids to do. For every workshop they could win a price either individual as the whole team. At this evening they showed the results of the workshops for example they made maquette of the Harry Potter Castle. They even made their own movie which we could see. There was a Harry Potter "fashionshow" with all 200 firstgraders in it and all they were dressed like someone from the real movie. Rajacenna was one of the 10 t-shirt winners with her own designed fairytale-figure on it. 

14 september 2005
"primazoeker and webcamlinks"
Yesterday I talked about another website of mine (Kinderfeessie). Today I wanted to talk with you about two other more sites of mine: Primazoeker and Webcamlinks. There is still a lot of filling up to do for these sites so I wanted to ask you all: if you have a site of your own please put your URL in the database. Maybe you know some great other sites that needs attention; if you will put them in the database please. 

13 september 2005
This month will be a very good month for the statistics of one of my other websites: For those who don't (ofcourse) understand the Dutch language; the site is handling about all kind of kidsparties. You can search through the database for a company who organises kidsparties in your own hometown. There are also lots of tips to be found for a kidsparty at home. I made this site several years ago and sincethen I have a lot of visitors coming every day. They obviously find it all very interesting and the editorial office of a wellknown Dutch parentmagazine "groter groeien" found it also very interesting to mention my site in this months magazine. So since this weekend my visitors doubled! Great! I know that a lot of  them will be coming back. 
If you are a parent yourself I like you to give me some good kidspartytips (which you can do at home) from your Country. I'd like that very much, maybe I can make a chapture about foreign kidsparties. I think that would be very interesting! So let's hear from you all you parents that are watching our webcams!

12 september 2005
"Harry Potter Week"
This week Rajacenna has Harry Potter Week on school. That means that there is no homework to be done this week, which is very nice. They are going to do all sort of creative things in this week, like making a movie. All of the things they are going to create will be presented on a Harry Potter evening later on this weekend for the parents.  There will be a Harry Potter fashionshow also and Rai had bought a big black Harry Potter hat.

11 september 2005
"salt biscuits instead of sandbiscuits"
Rai made biscuits today. She made them much to salty and now she never wants to eat biscuits again! 




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