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26 september - 2 october 2005"disappointment"
Like I said my father had to stay home this week from his third chemo because his immunesystem didn't allow to do a next chemo. In this week he tried to eat as much as he could to strengthenup a bit so he ate lots of roastbeef. Suddenly on monday afternoon he couldn't swallow the roastbeef anymore and eating became (again) a problem. Wednesday he went back to the hospital to check his blood and do his third chemo. The specialist was very positive about everything and the values of his blood was higher again so he could do the next chemo now on thursday. On thursday he still couldn't eat and drink anymore so they decided to go inside the next morning to look what was going on. Friday they examine him and the results were no good; the tumor had grown. That wasn't good news; still I can't understand it because first he couldn't eat anymore for about 2 months and then after the first chemo he suddenly started to eat again for about 4 weeks it went very well. And now suddenly he can't eat anymore within the week he didn't got his chemo. I don't think myself that a tumor can grow that fast within one week. But who am I to say so; I think my father was too enthousiastic with his eating (like the roastbeef) that there must be a kind of irritation which caused some swelling. He did eat lots of spices too and for what I know that isn't to good for this kind of tumor. Anyway my father has to stay in the hospital at least untill next tuesday because then they planned the scanning to see if there is any progress in the rest of his body. Now they give him food by a tube through is nose. At least he is getting his vitamines and minerals now. 




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