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8 october 2005"culinair lunch"
 This afternoon Rai prepared a lunch for us by herself. She had to do a little project for school so they all had to prepare some kind of lunch for their parents and make pictures of that. Her friend Mario came by and for  a whole hour they were very busy cooking and doing in the kitchen. They made bread with salad, eggs and tomatoes, noodlesoup and potatoes with onions, tomatoes and guess what: whiped cream! Rai presented it very nice with some paprikapowder for the decoration. And most important of all: it tasted very very good! (see 10sec of film here)

3 october - 7 october 2005"rotten week"
Well it was a rotten week: my father had to go for his scan on tuesday and the results were no good. After three chemo's the spots in his body showed no or little progress.  Still they will continue the chemo next week and we all pray for a little miracle that with the next scan there will be some results! If there will not be any they will not operate my father and then he will be living for maybe 5 years. It's very scary if they tell you this, you'd rather not know when your time has come.
On wednesday they implemented a special tube inside so my father can eat as normal again. The last week he lost about 7 kilo''s of weight. Thursday he came home again after one week hospital and next wednesday he will be going back again for the next round of 3 chemo's.




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