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06 november 2005"busy sunny sunday"
We went to Rotterdam this afternoon but didn't except to see so many people shopping around on this sunny sunday.  We are still waiting for novembertemperatures but it is still very springlike. Further on this sunday Jaco tried to finish our garage a little bit. 

05 november 2005
"tickets  taken"
This morning early I put an advertisement on and I put it in the shoutbox of Corinneke's Place. And soon there was Rico who wanted the free tickets for the Golden Earring on monday in Amsterdam. He was glad he got them because in september he missed a concert of them. 

04 november 2005
"no limousine"
Tonight is was the meaning that Rai had a party on her school, she had to help with some other kids to prepare everything for this night. At the end of the day they would have chinese as reward for helping and in there was also limousinerides at night. But Rai couldn't take part of it all because since last week friday she was ill, monday and tuesday she went back to school again, but wednesday she stayed home again so she missed the soccergame aswell for this day because she had to play in the team. This afternoon she tried to do two lessons, but it didn't work, after that she came again ill home so that means no party, no helping, no limousine today. Well there will be other parties she said. 

03 november 2005
"golden earring"
Well it has been a warm week, it doens't even seems like november, more like march or april. The weather has beaten another record last month. Instead of the normal temperature of 10-12 degrees it has been between 17-21 degrees!
Today Jaco won another price again; like he always does. He participated for a TomTom navigator for in the car, but instead he won two tickets to a special concert of the famous musicband Golden Earring, probably you know about them; many years ago they had a number one single in the USA "when the lady smiles". Well anyway this is not my kind of music and the concert is this monday in Amsterdam, next to the Arena. Now we have to try find someone who wants to go, so we are giving away these tickets for free. So if there are watching any Dutch people: just mail me for the tickets!

31 october 2005
"just too busy"
It has been about three weeks since my last weblog and I  have been just too busy to maintain it. I have been working on five projects that has to finish. So nothing much happened the last couple of weeks.  




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