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13 november 2005"cancergeneration"
Today we went to visit Jaco's parents who are more then ten years older then my parents and still very healthy. We spoke about that it appears that the old generation all don't have as much cancer compared with the  younger generation.  I guess we have been grown up in a unhealthy society and they have not.

12 november 2005
Today we went to visit my father in the hospital. Today he didn't felt as good as yesterday and he has back a little nausea when he drinks or eat. It has been hurt inside a lot so it must be irrated very much and he will be feeling this way for a while.  

11 november 2005
"stent out"
Well we know now what caused the sickness. The "stent" which they brought into the gullet three weeks, wasn't at the place in the gullet where it belonged. Because of the vomitting it went up and down and scratched the gullet. This morning they went inside again to pull the thing out and that was a great relief for my father because suddenly he felt much better and had even drunk his water and milk. But most important thing; he didn't had the nausea anymore. Monday they are going to scan him again to watch how to proceed the treatment. 

09 november 2005
Monday and Tuesday Rai had two days free from school, because the teachers had to follow some lessons themselves,  so today she had to go to school again. 
My father had to go back to the hospital today for another chemo, but they delayed it one more day because his kidneys have to funcion right. Sunday he started to feel sick again and sincethen he didn't eat anymore so he was hydrated too. Now they give him an infuse to help his body and his kidneys a bit. So now they want to do the chemo on friday and tomorrow they will go (again!) inside his gullet to watch what's going on and what causes the sickness.  





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