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27 november 2005"Jordan's birthday party"

Today we went to Jordan's birthay party! Jordan is my brothers first born daughter and she is becoming 1 years old on 2 december. Unfortunately my father could not go because it would be too much. Jordan was overloaded with gifts and she got a big big birthdaycake which she ate with her hands.


25 november 2005
"memorable day in history"
Well today was a memorable day in the history of the Dutch Highways! Yesterday evening and tonight it had snowed in the east part of the country. So there had be developed the greatest amount of traffic- jam ever! At five o'clock this afternoon there were still people waiting in there cars from nine this morning! They were very cold also! We didn't this all untill Jaco went with my mother to Rotterdam to get my father from the hospital. First they went to the Erasmus Hospital to get hist stuff he need to get feed throught is nose. Then it should take 7 minutes to get to the next hospital were they had drawn precisely the spot where my father has to get the radiation on thuesday. But instead of 7 minutes it took almost 2 hours to get there!! Two hours!!! Everything was stuck in the city. Great that was what we needed after five much of bad luck! Fortunately they made it at home safely because there had be a heavy storm with lots of rain all day and it was very scary in the car to drive. They even measured tornadocraft near by. All people who were still on the highway this evening had to sleep in there cars tonight. At half past five next morning all highways were cleared from traffic-jam.

23 november 2005
"excellent first schoolreport"
In the meantime Rai has got her first (highschool) schoolreport. With excellent marks I must say; I am very proud of her, she is always very serious about her homework. These are the marks (the highest you can get is a 10)::
Netherlands: 6,7
French        : 9,1
German      : 7,3
English       : 9,4
History       : 8,0
Geography: 8,9
Mathematics: 7,8
Biology       : 7,3
Music         : 8,0
Technics   : 7,2

22 november 2005
"very sad"

They didn't put in another stent yesterday because the tumor is still wounded and bleedding from time to time. They decided that they will be doing a radiation on the tumor to heal it a bit and make it a bit smaller so that a stent won't be necessary. Friday my father will be going to the Daniel Den Hoed Clinic in Rotterdam so they can draw things out securely to make this happen. Hopefully then he can come home after a couple of weeks in the hospital. Then on one december he must go back for a treatment. It makes me very sad when I think about a probably dieing to soon. As far as things are at the moment it can go very fast!

21 november 2005
"extremely mad"
At the moment I am extremely pissed off and very mad!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been complaining from the beginning of my fathers sickness end of June. First of all they let my father wait the whole summer before doing something because the "specialists" (i am not impressed) have to go on vacation. They didn't tell it that way but I know so! Whereas the specialist in our own town said that he must be helped rightaway. Also this "specialist" said that this kind of cancer could be treated easily. Well it doesn't seem that way! After about 5 chemo's  nothing happened! And friday they told my father, after thursday's scan, that it has begun also in his liver! The past 5 months seems like a lot of hobbyisme to me. In my life I have been argueing a lot with doctors or specialists; i think they are all too busy with earning a lot of money!! They are no Gods and they don't know it all!! From the beginning they didn't give my father proper information, even now they are too lazy to give all the information you want to know!! I am sick of it!! And then: you all in the US have much better medication to solve problems and to our small country it is too much money!! So they don't use them!
Well today another stent has to put in and we will hear the further procedure.




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