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31 january 2005
As we were expecting today at school Rajacenna heard that the girl's (see 27 january) has died the night from saturday on sunday. This girl came to school today and was in a (surprisingly) good mood. She told the class that her mother was lieing in her own bed now and that the funeral was this thursday. Her mother herself arranged the whole funeral herself. Still we don't know what illness she had got. Strange enough the whole class wasn't that impressed about it all. That must be the age? 

30 january 2005
On the internet I am trying to find nice familycamsites but there aren't any good ones. Most of the time I see sick people on the internet, it surprise me how many there are!! If anyone knows nice family webcams, please let me know.

29 january 2005
29january is Cor's birthday; Jaco's older brother. He turned 42 years old today. We went over to congratulate him today. Actual Cor's place is a nice place to put webcams. First of all he's got this crazy canary Pipi where you can put one on. Then he has got a nice view out of his window: in his backyard lies twice a day The Stena Line Boat to Harwich England. You've got to buy this webcam Cor because that's nice for people to watch!

28 january 2005
This morning we went to the animal doctor with our 15 year old cat (almost 16). There has been growing a little bump with liquid on his face. It is a something nearly every old cat can have so they removed it with a needle rightaway. Although it may come back within half a year.
I was very cold today because our heating broke down. At the end of the day we fixed it and I had sit on the radiator to warm myself for an hour!
Ever heard of using "botox" in other ways then making your face very ugly? Well today our little niece Julia which turned six years last wednesday, went to the hospital. She had to be injected (under narcosis) with lots of botoxinjections; this was necessary to make her walk better. Because the contraction in her legmuscles don't work properly. She didn't like the gassmell from the narcosis. After that she felt rather quick better. She is glad its over now for a while.

27 january 2005
Rajacenna came home from school with nasty news about a schoolfriends mother.  The teacher said that her mother would die within a couple of days. She had been ill for one year now and last oktober she got pneumonia and had to stay in the hospital. This week she went in a coma. I never talked to this girls mother but of course had seen her at school. For all I know she must be only 40 years old. I hope the doctors got it wrong because there are stories enough of people who had been heard that they got few time to live and then they lived for ten more years !!! It made me sick to my stomach this afternoon and I got to think about it all the time. 

26 january 2005
Today we had to go to Amsterdam because Rajacenna had to do a casting. At the agency we saw a very wellknown Dutch actress (Nada van Nie). At the moment she presents "The Fashion Police"; a program in which she tells people that they are dressed terrible. I always said  if I should ever meet her upon the street I would slap her face!  Wel I saw her today and she didn't make comments because we didn't talk to eachother. Lucky for her (lol).
When I had to wait while my daughter was auditioning, there was a very annoying mother. At every casting there is  always a mother who can not be modest about their child. It's nice to be proud but you can overdo it and do it in a very puking way! Pathetic! She drove everybody crazy I didn't gave her a look and didn't react in any way; I was glad I finally made it outside!

25 january 2005
Well we didn't get as much snow as we hoped, in fact in our part of the country there wasn't even any. 
Today I experimented a little bit with webcam2. This is the livingroomcam and it doesn't view as I want to. It is not an original webcam but a photocamera. The view is to near.  My Logitech Quickcam Express webcam doesn't go with the the 10m cable, so.... If anyone has an idea or advice for a good webcam with a good overview and that can go with a long cable let me know!

24 january 2005
Today Rajacenna has become 12 years old! She woke up with a little present: snow. Just a little bit of snow because the last 30 years there hasn't been as much as 50 years ago! We like the snow very much so every little snow flake makes us happy! She went to school and treated there for the last time, because next year she will go to a "higher" school. 

23 january 2005

Today we celebrated Rajacenna's birthday. Tomorrow she'll become 12 years old.
We celebrated it with the whole family. Her newborn little niece Jordan visited her too. Rai was thrilling to give her the milkbottle for the first time! (picture will be published soon)
Our other niece Julia (will be 6 years at 26 January) also celebrated her birthday together with Rajacenna. She was bitten by a cat in the backyard of her home some days ago and had to visit the doctor. First the cat was friendly, but for no reason he bate in her hand. A wound had to be taken care of and now she showed up with a bandage around her hand. 

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