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06 february 2005
Friday I bought a new webcam and today I was experimenting with it. It's a Logitech Quickcam Cordless. That itself is very handy without any wire so you can put it anywhere in your house where you want it. But the sharpness is terrible! Although the panoramaview which I wanted is very good. When you put the camera near the antenna it works quit fine but when you put it further away the sharpness disappears. The cam needs a lot of light too.

05 february 2005
We went to the 18th birthday of Jaco's cousin. He took his first drivinglessons this morning. (Other then the age of 16 in the USA when you may start carlessons: absurd. Absurd because children of that age aren't aware of danger they think they can live for ever!) His sister had to do the drivingexam the day before and she failed for the fourth time. It was a very misty day on friday so that was bad luck. We also saw Julia again which had to get botoxinjections last week; now her feet were in plaster bandage for two weeks. She found it all very interesting herself and everything went well.

04 february 2005
Rajacenna has won a Nintendo Gameboy Advanced SP with a new donkey kong game with it today! Again we won something!! Great! A couple of months ago we participated a contest from a coconutbreadcompany. The company exists 50 years and so they organized a celebrationcontest. Which implied that you could make a selfmade structure or drawing or whatever you like that express the 50 years celebration. So I invented the idea of making the little house of the fairytale of Hans Cristian Andersen "Hans en Grietje and the witch". I wanted to change the story of the candyhouse into a coconutbreadhouse. Jaco and  Rajacenna constructed the whole house. 

03 february 2005
Today Rebecca's mother got burried. She proved to be 46 year old. It seems that at her work she accidentally had incurred a toxic (asbestos) into her lungs. I wonder how that got there because she was working as a pedagogical employee. They say she had entered an envirement with forbidden access but that wasn't made clear because there was no forbidden-sign.
The Citotests are finished too. Although Rebecca missed some of the tests; she arranged it with the teacher so she could do the tests afterall.

02 february 2005
From now on we can make our home totally bacterium-free! Just as Michael Jackson! I don't know if that makes me happy but if you have an allergy it should be nice. We won an aircleaner value 500,-. I'd rather had the money but maybe we can sell the thing on the internet.

01 february 2005
Today in Holland the national citotoets starts. With this test children in last grade of the primaryschool (12 years old) become a test for everything they learned so far. It gives them a good view of the possibilities for the future, because it gives children (and parents) a grade which school they can attend from now. Rajacenna was'nt nervous about everything and she thought she did well enough.

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