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13 february 2005
We woke up with a lot of storm this morning and infact it did snow a little bit. Well it was more like hailing, but anyway the streets were a bit white. We had to go to Jaco's father who had his birthday on last monday. He is 77 now. 


12 february 2005
I am still searching for a perfect webcam. I wondered why some people do have a very sharp vision. I talked to Bob (kansaslife) about it and one of his cams is a videocamera. You do have to use a special cable though to use it as a webcam.
I have been experimenting with the antenna today and I see that it makes a diffrence which direction you are pointing to and where you put the antennathing. Unfortunately the cord of the antenna is not so long. But now the view is a little bit sharper then before. Still you need a lot of light.
At the end of this year I want all computers in the house to be wireless so then I can put one computer or laptop in the livingroom. Then the quality of the camview shall be better because the antenna will be near the cam.

11 february 2005
Some people get depressed because of the winter. I don't know why that is? They say because of the "darkness" one is getting not enough vitamines. Well anyway in Holland we doesn't have the winters anymore then they used to be and there is more sun then darkness.  I am getting depressed because of a lack of snow! This year I can't think of any day it snowed. That's why I often take a look at the following site of Lieska in Finland, there you have some snow!! 

10 february 2005
Respect for those who are sitting in a wheelchair. That was the issue of todays lessons at Rajacenna's school. They all went to a gymhall to learn how to handle a wheelchair. They tried to drive blind with it and to play basketball with it. After that they all had to outside to drive with the chair amongst the pedestrians and traffic. I just was on my way to the supermarket when I could hear a man screaming from far. Than I saw 32 children all together in a wheelchair of their own. I could see it was very hard fo them to drive the thing. The instructor was a disabled person himself. I asked him how it had happened and he answered that because of a medical error his leg had to be amputated. Anyway it was very hard for the kids and the worst was yet to come. To climb up a little hill near our home. Later I heared that Rajacenna and some others had climbed this small hill with the "legcar". Well I hope for every of these kids that over 50 years or so, their legs are still walking.

09 february 2005
Today I considered that the world isn't as futuristic and modern as we thought it should be anno 2005. And then I don't mean the technical aspect of life but the social aspect of it. Further than this I will not write about it, because in this world nevertheless you can't even say what you want to say. The people who screw up for the rest of the world have to think about this. We are not living anymore in 800 before Christ it is 2005 now so grow up!

08 february 2005
Great we have to change all the channels on the tv again!! Nice! Nice for the older people amongst us who don't have a clue how programming works. We have to change all the tv's and video's in the house. I wonder how they do that in the US? Since we are a small country with not so many stations?

07 february 2005
Jaco's father has turned 77 today. Sunday we go and visit him.
This evening there was an informationevening for Rajacenna's new school. After this summer she will go to Highschool for the first time. Fortunately she was thrilled about this school and she met some friends from her class too. The school will take 200 new kids so I am glad it isn't such a huge school.

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